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A Look Back At Pizza In 2012 Outside Of NYC

A Look Back At Pizza In 2012 Outside Of NYC

Although most of the pizza I consume throughout the year is in New York City, most of the reviews that appear on I Dream Of Pizza are places outside of the area (go figure). Whenever I travel, I make it my mission to try pizza and this year was no exception. I spent three months in San Francisco this summer, so there were a lot of West Coast pizza reviews on this site this past year.

The best slice I had outside of New York was actually in San Francisco at Arinell Pizza — a no-frills spot in the Mission District which has lines out the door in the evenings. It’s that good.

What was the best pie? We’ll it’s a tie. Trattoria Pizzeria Il Lupone is a Vera Pizza Napoletana certified spot in Toyko, who’s Neapolitan pies were nearly perfect. The other might surprise you. But I’ve found myself falling in love with Denino’s Pizza Place in Aberdeen, New Jersey. The original Denino’s is on Staten Island, but the pies at this outpost are comparable (and conveniently located near my girlfriend’s parents).

With that, I invite you to look back on all of the pizza places I visited outside of New York City this past year:

Arinell Pizza (San Francisco, CA)

Canyon King Pizzeria (Page, AZ)

Cheese Board Pizza (Berkeley, CA)

Davanza’s (Park City, UT)

De Lorenzo’s (Trenton, NJ)

Denino’s Pizza Place (Aberdeen, NJ)

Iggies (Baltimore, MD)

Liguria Bakery (San Francisco, CA)

Little Star (San Francisco, CA)

Maxwell’s (Park City, UT)

Osteria (Philadelphia, PA)

Pizza CS (Rockville, MD)

Pizzicletta (Flagstaff, AZ)

Seirinkan (Tokyo, Japan)

Trattoria Lungofiume (Tokyo, Japan)

Trattoria Pizzeria Il Lupone (Tokyo, Japan)

 Truck Pizza (Hudson, NY)

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