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A Brooklyn Pizza Pop Up Rivals The Borough’s Best

Many of the pizza pop-ups that proliferated during the pandemic have gone into hibernation (although some expanded into brick and mortar shops like Brooklyn DOP). But one that is still going strong is La Rose Pizza in Park Slope, Brooklyn — which has been serving up delectable, Instagram-worthy Detroit style pies over the past two years. What’s Unique? Because La Rose is a pop up, details are subject to change without notice. However, typically the menu features seven pies, starting at ...

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Worthwhile Detroit Style Pizza In Poughkeepsie

When you think of Poughkeepsie, New York… what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you said “Detroit Style Pizza,” I’d say you’re lying. But you could make the cast that Hudson & Packard (29 Academy Street), which opened its doors to the public at the start of the pandemic, should be synonymous with this Hudson Valley city. There is no trendier pizza style right now than pan cooked pies from the Motor City. And while the wave of ...

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A Pizza War In Queens

New York City is no stranger to pizza wars. While we can save the details of every spat for another time (i.e. Grimaldi’s versus Juliana’s, price wars over the $1 slice, and the fight for the use of the Ray’s and Joe’s names), it’s worth noting that battle of epic pizza proportions recently took place in Queens. While the details may evolve over time, here are the basics: It all centered around a man named Andrew Bellucci, who has worked ...

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The 5 Best Pizzas I Ate In 2022

Another year. Another roundup of some of the best pies I ate. From ramps and pumpkin to crispy chicken cutlets, no topping was left uneaten this past year. Four of my top five pies were consumed in the Greater New York area, with a guest appearance from out West. Let’s count ’em down! 5) MUSHROOM PIZZA Folks Pizzeria Costa Mesa, CA In a shopping & dining complex about one hour south of Los Angeles — a few miles from the ...

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Farm Pizza @ A Brewery Outside Of Austin

Everything is bigger in Texas. Including its breweries. And Jester King Brewery (13187 Fitzhugh Rd) is no exception. The craft beer haven is situated on 165 acres of farmland about 30 minutes outside of Austin. There are playgrounds for the kids, multiple seating areas — in a barn and out in the fields — and an events calendar that rivals that of a small town (on the evening I was there, so many revelers were playing “Drag Bingo” that they ...

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