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An (Illustrated) Guide To Pizza

My latest Instagram obsession comes from the handle @citiesbytheslice. Run by artist Dan Bransfield, who published an illustrated guide to pizza back in 2018, the account features an assortment of slices from both notable (and not so notable) pizza cities and states. When I initially started following the account, I thought, “oh, this is some really cool artwork.” But I’ve realized that Bransfield’s drawings also serve as an unofficial guide to pizza in various locales. Planning a trip to Miami? ...

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It’s All About The Bread At This LA Spot

Lodge Bread Company (11918 Washington Blvd) is one of my favorite Los Angeles restaurants to grab an early morning bite. Their pastries are delicious. And their shakshuka is to die for. But Lodge Bread Company also serves pizza starting around lunchtime. In my numerous visits there over the past couple of years, I had always arrived prior to then, so during my most recent trip to Los Angeles, I made sure to swing by later in the day — specifically ...

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Pizza Go Bragh: Knockout Pizza In Ireland

Last year, I made my first trip to Ireland. And while I wasn’t intending on having any pizza during the short time I was there, I couldn’t resist a stand at a local market in the quaint town of Kilkenny. I stumbled upon the market by chance — I was actually there to visit the Kilkenny Castle on my way from Dublin to the country’s West Coast. Little did I know that I happened to be passing through during the ...

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The Five Best Pizzas I Ate In 2020

This was a really rough year. A year that most of us hope we can forget as quickly as possible, once the calendar turns to 2021. In the midst of a pandemic, few things brought me more comfort than a slice of pizza — a coping mechanism that has come in handy before, but never needed as badly as in 2020. Pizza establishments adapted. And even thrived. And while I didn’t review any places I’ve visited since March (all reviews ...

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Birmingham’s Post Office Pies: Stamp Of Approval

This past winter, I spent a few days visiting Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama. While the pizza options in Montgomery left much to be desired (the best options appeared to be Mellow Mushroom and Bib Street Pizza, although I didn’t have a chance to visit either of them), the food scene in Birmingham has more to offer, especially in the up and coming Avondale neighborhood. Nestled between Avondale Brewing Company and Saw’s Soul Kitchen is a happening pizza place called Post ...

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