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Brooklyn’s Best New Pizza Place Is On A Brewery Rooftop

When Grimm Brewery opened in Williamsburg in 2018, the beer offerings certainly overshadowed the food (Middle Eastern bites from a nearby restaurant were originally available for purchase). But with the recent addition of a full rooftop restaurant — Lala’s (990 Metropolitan Avenue) — serving New Haven-inspired pizzas, the food at Grimm is now front and center. In fact, there might not be a better combo in Brooklyn than a Lala’s pie paired with a pour. What’s Unique? New Haven style pizza ...

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The 5 Best Pizzas I Ate In 2023

This year was an epic year for pizza! It feels like a while since I’ve been able to say that. But the truth is that while many pizza places weathered the pandemic well enough to stay afloat, there haven’t been as many exciting openings and expansions since the pre-COVID days. But that all changed in 2023. A New Haven style spot on top of a brewery in Brooklyn? Check. A hip slice joint operating out of a basketball arena? Of ...

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Slam Dunk Pies @ Brooklyn’s Barclays Center

Boomshakalaka! Fini Pizza (620 Atlantic Avenue) which opened its original location in Williamsburg last year, has a brand new offshoot at (but not “inside”) Barclays Center in Downtown Brooklyn. The shop overlooks the large and underutilized plaza by the arena’s main entrance in a space that was formerly a Starbucks. Might it be the best pizza in the country being served out of an arena? Possibly. Should it be an essential stop on your way into a Nets game this ...

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Chicago Pan Pizza From A Pop Up Turned Brick & Mortar

When you visit Chicago and think about getting some pizza, the first thing that probably comes to mind is deep dish. There is another popular type of pizza in Chicago known as “tavern style” which is essentially a thin crust bar pie that is traditionally cut into a grid of small squares. But there are other lesser known styles of pizza that are affiliated with the Chicago region too — including pan pies — and during I recent trip there ...

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Pizza With A View In Santorini

I recently returned from a trip to the Greek Islands and had no intention of eating pizza there. However, those plans were foiled one evening on Santorini during a leisurely stroll from the town of Imerovigli to Fira, the island’s capital. About halfway through the 30 minute walk, I came across a sign that lured me in: Volkan Sourdough Pizza. The short description noting their use of “Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and “Fresh Basil From Our Little Garden” was ...

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