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A “Hidden” Pizza Place In The Hudson Valley

During a recent trip to the Hudson Valley, I decided to go for a bike ride along the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail from New Paltz, NY to Kingston, NY. That leg of the trail — which is about 13 miles in total — crosses gushing rivers and weaves through lush forests. But around the halfway point — seemingly out of nowhere — I came across a pizza place. It’s called Rail Trail Cafe. It’s part of Larsen Family’s Stone Mountain ...

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A Pizza Place (And An Airbnb) In The Berkshires

I recently headed up to the Berkshires for a weekend of skiing and winter fun. What I didn’t realize was the Airbnb I booked was attached to a well regarded pizzeria. Pizzeria Boema (84 Main Street) is located on the main street (hence its address) of the sleepy town of Lenox, Massachusetts. Once my son was asleep each night, it was a treat to be able to walk downstairs — baby monitor in hand — and enjoy a pie and ...

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Saying Goodbye To Di Fara’s Dom DeMarco, A Pizza Legend

Anyone who knows me or has read this blog over the past 14 years is likely aware of the fact that Di Fara is my favorite pizza place in the world. In fact, a visit there in the early 2000s was one of the inspirations that led me to start IDreamOfPizza. So I was deeply saddened to hear the news that Dom DeMarco — the shop’s founder and pizza maker for the past 50+ years — passed away this week ...

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Eleventh Street Pizza: A New Spot In Miami (With $42 Pies)

Eleventh Street Pizza (1035 N Miami Ave) is a new pizza spot that is located in the non-gentrified outskirts of Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood. I’d been salivating over their pies on Instagram and made sure to swing by to check them out during a brief winter break getaway down South last month. What’s Unique: Eleventh Street Pizza has a very limited menu of only 5 slices/pies along with a few non-pizza dishes. There is a classic cheese, a cheese square and ...

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The 5 Best Pizzas I Ate In 2021

2021 was another rough year for many of us — a roller coaster of COVID surges layered between moments in which it seemed like a return to some semblance of normalcy was within reach. Pizza remained a constant in my life throughout the year and it’s time to once again look back on some of my favorite pies from the past 12 months. Here we go: 5) MUSHROOM & TALLEGIO (Mushrooms, Tallegio, Truffle Oil) The Laundrette  Narrowsburg, NY This pizza ...

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