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A Peek At Di Fara’s New Digs (An Upgrade!)

I heard that early last week Di Fara was closed for renovations. Yes — renovations!

Anyone who’s been there knows that the place looks like it hasn’t been renovated in years. So I was interested to see what changes were made. Were we talking about a new air conditioning unit? Or new tables and chairs? Perhaps new lighting? Some bar stools at the counter? Or maybe now all orders would be placed only through iPads?

Okay… maybe a few of those are a stretch, but it turns out that some noticeable changes were made to the place and I stopped in on Friday to check them out first hand.

Now I’m not an interior design expert, but I’d say that Di Fara’s bright green walls weren’t particularly inviting.

That’s now been replaced with a paler, lighter shade of green which is a little more homey. And a brand new spiffy sign that isn’t falling apart and doesn’t contain price changes that have been scribbled in with a marker. There are new floors too. And the clock — which so many patrons are closly watching as they wait for their pies — is now located above the exit.

Here’s a peak at the new look Di Fara:

But one thing that hasn’t changed at all is their pizza. And at the end up the day… that’s what’s important!

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