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Pizza Wars: Nightline Late To The Game

On Wednesday evening, the leading story on Nightline was a seven minute segment titled: It’s On!: Pizza Wars. You’d think Nightline’s time and money might be better spent covering real wars and it didn’t help that there were no new revelations about pizza in the piece.

Yes, we’re in a recession. Yes, the pizza business is booming. No, not all of it tastes good. And no, Di Fara hasn’t been seeing a decline in business.

Even to the average viewer, I imagine it would have been disappointing to tune into Nighline and be thrown such a fluff piece. I know the show isn’t known for it’s investigative journalism — but they could have dug a bit deeper so that there was an actual purpose to the segment.

The best moment comes around the 1:30 mark when Brian Harley (Director of Operations for 99 Cent Fresh Pizza) says the following:  

I wouldn’t say that this is high quality pizza, but it’s not bad pizza either… it’s not the worst.

Also interesting — 99 Cent Fresh Pizza nets 30 cents per slice. That’s $2.40 per pie. Each location sells 500 pies a day meaning that they bring in $1,200 daily. That’s $438,000 annually. The segment notes that they’ve opened five locations in the past year, meaning that the company is netting about $2.2 million dollars each year. Not bad for a place where nothing costs more than 99 cents.

You can view the full segment here.

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