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Village Voice Names Top 10 Pizza Places In The City

Oh another day brings another pizza list. If I analyzed every list that was published, I’d never get any sleep. Daily Intel listed their best 16 NYC pizza places earlier this year, and GQ Magazine just came out with their list of the best pies in America (just to name a few).

Now the Village Voice has come out with its list of the city’s best pizza joints:

1. Totonno Pizzeria Napolitano (1524 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn)*
2. DiFara’s (1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn)
3. John’s (278 Bleecker Street)*
4. Denino’s (524 Port Richmond Avenue, Staten Island)
5. Grimaldi’s (19 Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn)
6. Patsy’s (2287 First Avenue)*
7. Lombardi’s (32 Spring Street)
8. Roberta’s (261 Moore Street, Brooklyn)
9. Motorino (319 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn)
10. LaVilla (261 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn)

* Original location only

Runners Up:

Joe & Pat’s (1758 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island)
Luigi’s (686 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn)
Lil’ Frankie’s (19 First Avenue)
La Pizza Fresca (31 East 20th Street)
Krispy Pizzeria (7112 13th Ave., Brooklyn)

Where to start? It’s a respectable list and I can’t complain about Di Fara being number two since I haven’t been to Totonno yet. Denino’s and John’s are a bit higher than I’d put them and Aritchoke isn’t anywhere to be found. Neither is Co. or San Marzano.

Apparently I’ll have to try Roberta’s and LaVilla now, although I haven’t heard much about either. But as Alan Richman stressed when he came out with his GQ list — pizza is a very personal thing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. And with that, I’ll let you make your own judgments about the Village Voice list.

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