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USA Today Suggests Best Pizza Places In Each State

You might remember when Alan Richman from GQ came out with a list of the country’s best pizza places (GQ Lists Top 25 Pizza Places In America). Well earlier this month, USA Today took a different approach. They published a list of one great pizza parlor in each state, as reccomended by a local expert.

While I believe that a list of the country’s best pizza places is quite subjective (as is any pizza review, really)… I’m not sure how helpful the USA Today article is. There’s no inclusion of Pizzeria Bianco (Arizona suggestion: Velvet Elvis in Patagonia) or Di Fara (New York suggestion: Za’ Za’ in Scarsdale)… so if you take the list for what it is (a pizza place in each state that someone happens to like) then that’s fine. But I wouldn’t go out of your way to try any of these places.

I’ve only tried a few places on list and one of those is Spike Mendelsohn’s We, The Pizza in Washington, DC. The pizza is great. But it’s not a destination pizza place. It’s hard to separate the We, The Pizzas from the Frank Pepes on the list. And thus, the list should not be considered a guide to must-visit pizza parlors across the country. But if you happen to be passing by one of the places… give it a try!

You can read the article here.


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