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Five Best NYC Pizza Places In 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, it’s time to look back at some of the best pizza places I visited in 2011. Today, I’ll be presenting my list of the five best pizza places I ate at in New York City in 2011. Although the places below didn’t necessarily open their doors this past year, they are all spots that I ate at for the first time:

5) John’s Pizzeria (Elmhurst, Queens)
Although this pizzeria has been around for 45 years, this female-fronted shop serves a solid, classic New York slice.

4) New Park Pizza (Howard Beach, Queens)
Not to be outdone by John’s, this standalone shop opened its doors in 1956 and serves simple square and regular slices that hit the spot.

3) Saraghina (Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn)
This rustic restaurant is revitalizing the dining scene in this once dangerous Brooklyn neighborhood and it’s Neapolitan style pies are worth the trip out there.

2) 900 Degrees (West Village, Manhattan)
In what was perhaps this most disappointing pizza news in 2011, this innovative restaurant which served four styles of pies (Napoletana, Americana, Romana, and Siciliana) shuttered after just three months.

1) Forcella (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Hands down my favorite New York pizza place to open in 2011, Forcella has the potential to become the city’s first “mini-chain” with busy outposts in Williamsburg and NoHo already.

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