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Huff Post Writer Claims World’s Best Pizza Is In… LA?

Jay Weston — an actor turned food writer — recently wrote a Huffington Post article about Los Angeles pizza place Stella Rossa Pizza. The spot opened in April to favorable reviews (as indicated by some Google searches), but generally great pizza in Los Angeles is the equivalent of average pizza elsewhere. So I was surprised when Weston crowned Stella Rossa not just the best pizza in Los Angeles… but the best pizza in the world! He writes the following:

Were these the best pizzas I have ever eaten? Yes, they were. I have had pizzas all over the world, including its birthplace in Naples, and none has ever matched these pies for thin crispness, freshness of ingredients, delicious blackened crust… all in all a flavorful wonder. As I said, it’s all a matter of taste and timing. Tonight, in a little place in Santa Monica, I finally had an epiphany. It is possible to be the best at something!

Wow. Although I can’t critique the review without having actually tried the pizza, you rarely see a food writer this excited about an establishment. Of the thousands of pizza places I’ve been to, I might write about Di Fara with such praise. But that’s a historic pizzeria where patrons wait hours for a taste of an iconic food made by a legendary pizzaiolo. Stella Rossa pizza is bar that opened three months ago.

I will be in Los Angeles later this month and might just have to swing by Stella Rossa to see if it is, in fact, the best pizza in the world.

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