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Paulie Gee’s Now Seriving Beer & Wine

Last week Paulie Gee’s got its license for beer and wine. When I stopped by on Sunday evening, the place was hopping. Here’s what you can get this week:

I didn’t have anything, and I must say — the prices are a bit higher than expected. If you want to have a beer, your cheapest option is a $6.00 draft. Even a bottle of Amstel Light is $6.00. At comparable places there are some cheaper options.

Roberta’s — in addition to having a happy hour (buy a pint, get the second for $3) always serves $3 Buds, $4 Modelos, and $5 Changs. At Motorino, you can get a can of Dale’s Pale Ale for $5.

Although Paulie’s slightly cheaper than somewhere like Co. or Pulino’s (where you can also get a $6.00 Amstel Light), you’d expect cheaper prices out in Brooklyn. It might not hurt business to have one beer on tap each week for $4.00. It’s a great way to promote the local beers being served there and the more beer people consume… the longer they’ll stay and continue to buy drinks!

A couple of other Manhattan pizza places with reasonably priced beers include Veloce Pizzeria ($5.00 Pork Slap) and Posto ($4.00 Buds; $5.00 Heineken, Corona, Amstel Light).

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