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Totonno’s — Coming Soon To A Boardwalk Near You?

Ah, could that possibly be the smell of Totonno’s reopening? The delays and delays and delays have been well documented on this blog and many others. If you’re out of the loop, there was a fire in March and since then a slew of reopening dates that have long passed.

Well the end of the Totonno’s drought may finally be year. Last month, New York Magazine published a full page article about the pizzeria (May the Dough Never Run Out) which focuses more on the history of the place and it’s owner, Louise Ciminieri, than a potential reopening date. Yet just last week, the New York Post ran a blurb that was more pressing:

After a long wait, Coney Island’s famed Totonno’s Pizzeria, 1524 Neptune Avenue, is expected to reopen in the next two weeks… the re-opening was announced at Community Board 13. The delighted board cheered the news.

I wonder who had December in the office pool? What’s the current over/under on the reopening date? Who knows whether or not pizzas will be flying out of the oven in the next few days, but hopefully by the end of the year Totonno’s will back in full swing.

photo: New York Magazine

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