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Pizza Mad Man Paulie Gee To Bring Pizza To Greenpoint

Well Paulie Gee is finally going to be opening a pizza place in Brooklyn. There is a slated December opening. The first thing that comes to mind is how wonderful of a neighborhood Greenpoint is and how desperately they need a great pizza place like the one Paulie will be opening there. Fornino and Motorino have already succeeded a few blocks south in Williamsburg, and hopefully Paulie will find the same loyal following in Greenpoint. Here is what Paulie had to say on the Slice message boards the other day:

I’ve been doing what I don’t even like for 30 years just to earn a living. Now it’s time to do what I love. All the complications in the world can’t take away the feeling I get when everything goes right and I get to watch people dig into a good looking, tasty pie… And now I get the added pleasure of putting a place together for people to come and enjoy. Through my interviews, I have already met a small army of people from North Brooklyn who I can sense have a real excitement about what we’ll hopefully create for everyone to enjoy.

I haven’t yet had the pleasure of tasting any of Paulie’s pies, but I’m sure they’ll be as delicious as they look in the hundreds of photos I’ve seen of them online.

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