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Everything You Need To Know About Rooftop Pizza Party

Rooftoop Pizza Party debuts Thursday evening! And in case you’re still deciding whether or not you should attend, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at what you can expect at the first three dinners — Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  

What is Rooftoop Pizza Party — you might be asking yourself? It’s a brand new NYC culinary experience where fresh, homemade pizza pies are served to an intimate group of food lovers along the backdrop of the city’s skyline. You’ll enjoy all of the following:

The View.
What would a Rooftop Pizza Party be without a nice view? The East Village rooftop where the meal takes place provides some beautiful skyline views as you can see below. Dinner will get underway as the sun sets over the city on what is one of the longest days of the year.
The Beer.
Each of the six pizza pies will be paired with a different craft beer. Thursday evening’s dinner will include beers from the following breweries: Abita, Goose Island, Redhook, Avery, Troegs, and Souther Tier. Six beers this great would run you a $40 tab at a bar. It’s hard to think of a better value than having them paired with your dinner.
The Toppings.
We certainly won’t be skimping on those. Much of the food you’ll be eating will be coming directly from the Union Square Farmer’s Market. There are so many wonderful vegetables in season now, it’s simply the best time of year to throw them on a pizza. How local does it get? Well, many of the herbs we’ll be using– like the basil below — have been growing on our rooftop since April.
The Cheese.
The mozzarella below, which we guarantee will melt in your mouth, came from our favorite store on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. All of the dairy products you’ll be eating are from local cheese stores.
It will feature Nutella. Enough said.

There will be many more surprises in store, so come join us for our inaugural dinners!

You can click here to reserve your spot or click here for more information. If all of the above isn’t enough incentive to come, we’ll give you some more: 

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