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Pomodoro Pizzaria Opens In The East Village

Earlier this month, Pomodoro Pizzaria opened in the former Dunkin Donuts space on 2nd Avenue in the East Village. And in case you’re wondering — no, that’s not a typo in the headline of this post. The misspelling actually appears on the sign outside of the pizza place! (Okay perhaps it’s a debatable mistake, but I’ve always used the spelling P-I-Z-Z-E-R-I-A).

Spelling aside, an abundance of pizza places within a short distance of one another is nothing new to the area, but the corner of 2nd Avenue and 11th Street is turning into quite the pizza hot spot. On the north side of 11th Street is the newly opened outpost of Numero 28 (176 2nd Avenue), which is situated right across the street from Viva Herbal (179 2nd Avenue).Walk two minutes and you’ll hit a dozen other places including Artichoke, Motorino, South Brooklyn Pizza’s new outpost, Pizziani, 2 Bros. St. Mark’s location, and Stromboli Pizza on 1st Ave.

It’s odd to me that Pomodoro Pizzaria is opening where it is… other than some outdoor seating, it does not seem to be offering anything that other places are not already. I guess it’s just a matter of location. A block from three NYU dorms is never a bad place to open a pizza place. They already have 3,000 built in customers. Here’s to hoping college students do a better job at spelling things correctly.

Check out some shots of the pies and the menu below:



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