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New Pizza Place In Bed-Stuy

New York Magazine previews Saraghina, a new pizza place opening in Bed-Stuy. Expand your pizza horizons!


Pizza continues to be all the rage among restaurateurs seeking to offer customers something they can still afford, but do not mistake Edoardo Mantelli and Massimiliano Nanni—who open Saraghina pizzeria this week—for a pair of Gianni-Come-Latelies. “It’s like a dream come true,” says Mantelli, whose day job is co-owner of the Tocca clothing brand. In Italy, according to him, children do not aspire to grow up to become firemen, astronauts, or heads of state, but rather pizzaioli. “Yes, really, every child wants to make pizza.” At Saraghina, named for a character in Fellini’s 8 1/2 that pizza will be Neapolitan in style, as taught to Mantelli by his friend Michele Iuliano of Luzzo’s in the East Village, and cooked in a wood-fired oven. Nanni also owns Piadina in Greenwich Village, and his wife, Paola Citterio, has designed Saraghina’s rustic space using mostly recycled materials. For now, it’s just pizza, salads, cured meats, cheeses, and dessert, but in the coming weeks, the team will expand the menu and the space.

LOCATION: 435 Halsey, nr. Lewis Ave.

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