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Daily Deal Sites: Saving Money On Pizza

It seems that pizza venues are really making their mark on the whole group purchasing scene. Today you can get 50% off your meal at Numero 28 (via ScoopSt), 50% off your meal at Bleecker Street Pizza (via ScoutMob), and 50% off your meal at Previti Pizza (via InBundles).

Off all these sites, I’m the biggest fan of ScoutMob because you don’t have to pay anything to get the discount. But if you love Numero 28 or Previti Pizza… you can’t go wrong with coupons from there either.

And remember, if you haven’t picked up your copy of the 2011 NYC Big Deal Book yet, it features discounts from Plum Pizzeria and Bar, Eddie’s Pizza Truck, and Pizza By Cer Te. The best part? You can save 40% on the book this week with discount code IDREAMOFPIZZA.

Click here to buy your copy now!


About I Dream Of Pizza

Some guys dream about winning the Powerball jackpot, making love to Kate Upton, or scoring the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. But personally, I spend most of my time dreaming about digging my face into a mouth watering slice of pizza. Fireworks are ignited. Music comes out of nowhere. And just like that, I’ve fallen in love once again. Since 2008, I've chronicled my pizza eating adventures in New York City and around the world on I Dream Of Pizza -- the web's most popular blog dedicated entirely to pizza.


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