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Pizza Wedding Decorations: 7 Ways To Incorporate Pizza Into Your Wedding

Pizza Wedding Decorations: 7 Ways To Incorporate Pizza Into Your Wedding

I recently got married. And it goes without saying that pizza was going to make a few appearances at the wedding (as you might recall, we took many of our engagement photos at Di Fara, a pizza place in Brooklyn). I didn’t want pizza to be the dominant theme at the wedding, but rather incorporate it subtly in a handful of ways. Here is a recap of how I did that and how you can create the ultimate pizza-centric wedding:

1) HIRE A PIZZA TRUCK FOR YOUR REHEARSAL DINNER. The night before, at our rehearsal dinner, we hired a mobile pizza truck. The company was called Pizza Luca and the pizza they served was incredible. They cater events in the tri-state area and I would highly recommend them for any wedding related festivities. Regardless of where you live though, hiring a pizza truck the night before your wedding will certainly be a big hit!

Pizza_Luca_Truck_CT_NYC1 (1) FullSizeRender (39)

2) HAVE YOUR GROOMSMEN WEAR PIZZA SOCKS. I wanted to incorporate pizza into my attire — and the attire of my groomsmen —  but I wanted to do so in a way that didn’t overshadow our outfits. I decided that socks were a subtle way to accomplish that. I found these dress socks at DSW and they only cost $6.95. So I surprised my 8 groomsmen with a pair of pizza socks the day before the wedding.

IMG_3318 Adagion Select-75 (3280x2186)

3) HAVE YOUR RING-BEARER CARRY YOUR RINGS IN A PIZZA BOX. Our ring bearer was only three years old, so we didn’t actually entrust him with our rings. But none of our guests knew, so having him walk down the aisle with a pizza box was a nice touch.

CEREMONY-48 (3280x2187) CEREMONY-175 (3280x2187)

4) USE PIZZA BOXES AS PROPS FOR PHOTOS. Since I was already going to have the ring bearer use a pizza box during the ceremony, I figured it would be fun to get some extra boxes to use as photo props. I bought a pack of 50 on Amazon for $23.45. The night before the wedding, I got my groomsmen together to assemble them. It says “Thank You” on the side of the boxes I bought, so one cool idea is taking a photo with that text visible and using it as your “thank you” card.

PRE CEREMONY (3280x2187) Details decor ambiance-2 (3280x2187)

5) CREATE A CUSTOM WEDDING PIZZA LOGO. There are many ways you can incorporate a custom logo into your wedding — on ceremony programs, menus, napkins, etc. At our wedding, we had a photo booth and I decided to create a custom pizza logo for the bottom of the photo strips that guests took home for souvenirs. I found an image of a pizza heart online and with some very novice Photoshop skills, I was able to layer in our wedding hashtag.


6) PIZZA PHOTO BOOTH PROPS. If you look closely in the photo above, you might have noticed that one of our guests is wearing a pizza hat. We had a photo booth at our wedding and although the photo booth company provides the props, we were also able to add any of our own. I bought two pizza hats on Amazon for $5.88. There are lots of other pizza items that you could purchase as props too.

POST CEREMONY-125 (3280x2187) FullSizeRender (19)

7). SET UP A PIZZA STATION DURING COCKTAIL HOUR. Our venue, Red Maple Vineyard, offered an option to have a pizza station during the cocktail hour for our reception. The pies were char-grilled on an oven stone so they came out more like flatbreads. We had three types: tomatoes and arugula w/ pesto sauce and olives; gorgonzola and figs w/ caramelized onion jam, pine-nuts and a drizzle of balsamic reduction; and truffles and mushrooms w/ asparagus, ricotta, and thyme.

Details decor ambiance-59 (3280x2187) IMG_3361

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