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Di Fara: The Documentary

More than a year ago, I was approached by a graduate film student from the New School. She was new to New York City and was looking to work on a project about pizza. During a few late night brainstorming sessions, I frequently pushed the idea of putting together a documentary about Di Fara — my favorite pizza place. Truth be told, this was due to selfish reasons. As far as I know, Dom DeMarco has never sat down for an extensive interview on camera. No filmmaker has ever attempted to capture all of the mystique and mystery that surrounds the place. There have been some great fluff pieces about where to get great pizza in New York, but what about a behind the scenes look at Dom’s life? Now that’s something I would want to see!

Six months later — and I’m imagine dozens of sleepless nights in the editing room — amateur filmmaker Margaret Emily Mackenzie released The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done — a 17 minute documentary short about Dom DeMarco and the history of Di Fara. What you’ll find in the film below is exclusive access and a behind the scenes look at this legendary pizza place. I’ve been sitting on the footage since earlier this year, but I’ve just gotten the okay to publish it. So it is with great excitement that I present it to you.

Dim the lights, grab some food (if you watch it on an empty stomach, I guarantee you’ll get hungry), and enjoy! Oh, and keep your eye out for a little cameo 🙂

The Best Thing I Ever Done from M Emily MacKenzie on Vimeo.

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