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A Look Back At The Best Pizza Videos Of 2009

And you thought my look back at 2009 was over (we’re almost two weeks into the next decade, dammit!). Well I’m out of town, and this is what you’re getting today!

It’s a look back at my favorite pizza related videos that appeared on IDreamOfPizza in 2009. From rats at Vinny Vincenz’s pizza truck to pizza tossers on Jimmy Kimmel Live — 2009 was a great year for pizza in front of the camera. There was Pizza: The Movie, a great documentary short about Anthony Mangieri, and Madonna eating her first ever New York slice of pizza with David Letterman. Enjoy the clips below!

Trailer For Pizza: The Movie

Pizza Vending Machine

Pizza Segment From The Food Network’s Food Detectives

How To Order A Pizza From To Be Delivered To You
From One Pizzeria While You’re At Another Pizzeria

Fake Commercial From UCB Comedy About Domino’s Stuffed Crust

Charles Curtis Tells Us Why Di Fara Is So Great

Dom DeMarco In Action At Di Fara

Scott’s Pizza Tours Takes The Wild Yaks On A Pizza Trip

Madonna Tries Her First Slice Of NY Pizza On David Letterman

Competitive Pizza Throwers On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Chris Bianco Makes Focaccia On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Vincenz Pizza Truck Has Rats

Billy Mays Pizza Stone Commercial

The Eco-Friendly Pizza Box

Nomad Pizza Meet Up

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