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Customers Complain About Di Fara’s Burnt Slices

Di Fara — as I mention nearly every week — is my favorite pizza place. Yet the blogs have been buzzing lately about its demise (see: The DiFara Slice Contention) arguing that Dom DeMarco has lost his touch, sometimes burning the pizza crust to a crisp. I saw this happen first hand last week and caught part of a customer’s complaint on my iPhone (voyeuristic, I know).

In the first clip you can see the end of an argument with Dom’s daughter, Maggie, who works at the restaurant. Much of the conversation is hard to make out, but the customer is complaining that her elderly mother would be unable to eat a crust so charred. After some back and forth Maggie told the customer they’d be happy to make her another pie but the lady didn’t want to wait. So they took the burnt pie. Here’s what I can make out:

Maggie: So then you want to wait for another one?
Customer 1: No. I don’t want.
Maggie: Well I have to charge you for it. The ingredients we use are very…
Dom: Alright. Alright.

In the second clip you get a better look at the pizza. The customers sit down to eat the pie and are visibly upset and disappointed:

Customer 2: Oh, look at this. I’m not going to eat this burnt and everything.
Customer 1: What are you gonna do, ma? She said wait for another one.
Customer 2: I ain’t gonna wait for another one.

Listen… crusts burn… nobody’s perfect. The staff at Di Fara did the right thing by offering to put in another pie. It’d be great, in the future, if they see that a pie is this burnt to toss it. I’m guessing that when the folks at AlwaysHungryNY were there (The DiFara Slice Contention), the burnt pie might have been put aside as a slice pie — even worse.

I clocked my regular pie in the oven at precisely 5:04. It wasn’t burnt at all. I’d be curious how long the average pie stays in the oven at Di Fara. It’s tough to keep track of everything when there is only one person making pies, but maybe if Di Fara garners some negative press, the crowds will stay away.

Should I even mention that there were less than 10 people there (including my party of three) there on a Wednesday night at 7:30? Probably not.

Good luck and shall your pies be charred to your liking!

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