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$16.00 For Two Frozen Personal Pizzas?

When I was in Toronto earlier this month, Becky and I went to the St. Lawrence Farmer’s Market where I noticed a number of stands selling mini frozen personal pizzas. The price for two: $16.00 (about $15.00 American dollars). These were small pies, as you can see below, so I have no doubt that I’d be able to finish both. This seems quite a steep price for something that isn’t “fresh.”

The label reads: Bistro ALSACE / Thin Crust Tarte Bistro / Absolutely Gourmet Pizza / Vegetarian / Low Sodium Pizza / Restaurant Convenience @ home

Talk about a jam packed label!

Has anyone ever heard of these? Tried them? Has anyone ever seen more expensive frozen pizzas taking into considering the size of these?

One Chowhound post reads:

We love Bistro Alsace. They come nicely vacumned packed in 2’s. Take only a few minutes to heat and have a very nice thin crust. Love the cheese and pepporoni. Since we’ve discovered these, we haven’t ordered take out in months. So easy to have nice hot pizza in minutes.

I didn’t have access to a kitchen on my trip, nor was I going to spend this much on frozen pizza, but I suppose if I saw these around in NYC, I’d have to give them a try.

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