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Ramp Pizza At Motorino + Other Good Stuff

Earlier this month PIZZA CLUB hit up Motorino in Williamsburg. There isn’t too much I can say about this place that hasn’t already been said on the blogosphere. The pizza were delicious, although I had such high expectations for the place, that it was hard for Motorino fulfill my far fetched pizza fantasies. Some of the pies we tried included:

(Tomato, Mozzarella Di Bufala, Basil)

(Tomato / Fior Di Latte / Spicy Soppressata / Garlic / Chili Oil)

(Mozzarella Di Bufala / Olive Oil / Raw Basil / Sea Salt)

(Fior Di Latte / Salame / Parmigiano / Arugula)

But the highlight of my evening was learning about RAMPS. Yes, RAMPS.

I’d never heard of RAMPS before and certainly not a RAMP pizza. But there is was on the menu. My more gastronomically savvy friends explained to me that RAMPS are an early spring wild onion/scallion/leek-like vegetable that grow between North Carolina, New England, and Minnesota, and are in season only from late March to early May. So there I was… at Motorino… eating my first ever RAMP pizza. Although the topping wasn’t particularly distinguishable, I was so excited to be eating this new vegetable!

(Tomato / Ramps / Olive Oil)

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