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Trip Number Two To Co.


Time Out New York’s review of Co. came out yesterday and it gave the restaurant four-stars. You can read it here.

I just so happened to make my second trip to Co. yesterday with Charles and Erica. Although I am even more outraged at the prices than I was last time, I’m even more in love with the pizza. A tough predicament, I must say. Our $110 bill (after tax and tip) included three personal pizzas, a round of Six Points, a salad, ricotta bread, and toast with chicken liver spread.

First, I must comment on the appetizers. The ricotta bread and toast with chicken liver were absolutely delicious. I can’t say I’ve ever had chicken liver spread (nor does it sound particularly appetizing), but I was thoroughly impressed. The ricotta bread was equally as satisfying.

Okay — on to pizza. The Margherita pie was solid, but nothing special. I enjoyed it, as I did last time, but it doesn’t quite make my mouth water. The ingredients are fresh and tasty and this pie is definitely worth trying, but it lags behind some of the more creative inventions at Co.

Unfortunately, my favorite pie from my last visit has since been removed from the menu. That’d be the Santo pie (béchamel, shaved radicchio, parmesan, taleggio, buffalo mozzarella, onions, and chili). “Not enough people were ordering it,” said our waitress.

Fortunately, the similar tasting Flambé pie is now available and features béchamel, parmesan, buffalo mozzarella, caramelized onions, and lardons. It was quite delicious.

Chales and Erica also had the Ham and Cheese pie (pecorino, gruyère, buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, caraway) which they seemed impressed with, but still thought the Flambe was their favorite.

When we got there at 6:30, there was barely a wait and the restaurant didn’t seem as packed as people have reported over the past few weeks. I love the ambiance at the place — from the glass windows and cute bar up front to the group seating and open kitchen in the back.

While it’s tough to justify spending $35 on pizza, a beer, and some ricotta bread, it was most certainly an enjoyable dining experience once again. Co. — I’ll see you soon.

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