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Where Twins Slugger Joe Mauer Gets His Pizza Fill

We’re a month in to the 2010 baseball season and last week, ESPN’s E:60 ran a story about Joe Mauer — one of baseball’s most recognizable faces. Reporter Jeremy Schaap spent time with Mauer in Minnesota this winter and the piece focused on how much Mauer, who grew up in the area, loves playing in his hometown.

Obviously no “hometown” story can be complete without mention of the area’s best pizza place. So if you’re looking to stalk the Twins catcher, pay close attention to the following:

Schaap: So what’s, like, your spot around here?
Mauer: Well, for pizza and things like that it’s Davanni’s. That was kind of our high school hangout.
Schaap: You still go there?
Mauer: Oh yea. Whenever I’m in town I got to get my hoagie and pizza.

A quick look at the Davanni’s website indicates that there are more than 20 locations throughout the state of Minnesota and the place has been locally owned and operated for more than 35 years. No word on which one Mauer frequents.

Leave it to the hometown hero to eat a hometown hero… along with some pizza, of course.

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