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Where To Get Heart Shaped Pizza This V-Day

Any girl knows the key to my heart is pizza. In fact, x-rays have indicated that my heart is partially made of pizza (or perhaps that’s just my arteries clogged with cheese). Either way, here are some spots you can get heart shaped pies this Valentine’s Day:



“All the pizzas are going to be available but they are all going to be shaped as a heart,” says Motorino chef Mathieu Palombino. “I think its a fun way to start Valentine’s evening. It’s very relaxed, very cool.”

If you want give your mate a “piece of” your heart in the comfort of your own home, Motorino also offers their pies for takeout or for delivery. [READ MORE at ny1.com]


In today’s edition of Adventures in Marketing: as is becoming the new custom at Papa John’s, the pizza chain is once again offering heart-shaped pizzas, starting today and lasting until Sunday the 14th. The tagline for the promotional stunt: “Love is patient. Love is kind. Love means never having to eat an overpriced, mediocre Valentine’s Day meal at a crowded restaurant surrounded by strangers.” [READ MORE at eater.com]Or…
As any hopeless romantic should know, the way to your lady’s heart is with some home cooking. So dig up your favorite recipie and put on some of your favorite pizza music. It’s going to be a long night. Good luck!

* Those of you in the Midwest should check out PIZZA LOVE on Forza Pizza featuring some delicious looking heart shaped pies from Nonna Silvia’s.

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