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The Year In Photos: The Best Of The Rest

The day has arrived — it’s the final part of my 2009 photo recap. None of the photos below were taken by me. Thank God. They’re all much better than anything I shot this past year. All of these photos appeared on my blog at some point over the past year and they reflect the pizza trends and (dare I say) revolution that took place in 2009. New shops were opening left and right. New styles were being invented and new ingredients mixed together. These photos represent what it was like to love (and dream!) about pizza in 2009.

I should note that I did my best to credit the publication or website from which these photos came when they originally appeared on the site. I did not, however, do so below. For the love of pizza… it’s just a photo! So I tip my cap to all of the great photographers out there that have done a wonderful job at showing the world their own perspectives on pizza.

Pizza, after all, is in the eye of the beholder.

Co. Opens In Chelsea

L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn

Pizza Tossers

Spunto Opens In The West Village

Pizza 123 Burns Down In Harlem

Mario Batali And Jimmy Fallon Take A Pizza Tour

Oven At Keste In The West Village

Four Foot Long Pizzas At Farinella In Tribeca

Pizza Vending Machine

AlwaysHungryNY’s “Triple” – A Falafel & Pizza Sandwich

Pizza Obama In Israel

Pizza Cone

Matzah Pizza

Susan Boyle Pizza

Mega Pizza From thisiswhyyourefat.com

Dave Sclarow Of Pizza Moto

Pizza Eating Competition

Pizza In A Pizza

Pizza Wine Sign

Assortment Of Pies From New York Magazine Pizza Issue

Line At Grimaldi’s In Brooklyn

Pizza Maker At Roberta’s In Brooklyn

Jim Lahey Of Co.

Breakfast Pizza At Motorino

Zombie Pizza Costume

A Passive Aggressive Pizza Note

Chanukah Pizza From Paulie Gee

Totonno’s Reopens On Coney Island

Building A Brick Oven

Halloween Pizza Costume

Jay-Z Loves Pizza

Motorino Opens In The East Village

Santa Decoration At Nino’s In The East Village

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