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A Crazy Week In The NYC Pizza World

There was so much going on in the New York City pizza world this week, it was tough to keep track. In fact, I have so many thoughts about pizza right now, I can’t even collect myself to write them in any type of coherent form. Many of the events of the week you’ll be hearing about for days to come, so let’s just start off with what the hell happened:

It all started on Tuesday night when one of the city’s most highly rated pizzas places, Lucali, caught fire (Fire at Lucali; Pizzeria Closed Possibly One to Two Weeks). How good is Lucali? I can’t tell you because I was suppose to go there this weekend for the first time. I guess that will have to wait. But if it means anything, Alan Richman from GQ Magazine just ranked their “plain pie” the 2nd best pizza pie in the entire country. And in a move that surprised even myself, Zagat recently crowned Lucali the best pizza place in New York dethroning longtime champ Di Fara.

Moving along… on Wednesday, Frank Bruni came out with the most in depth article ever written about pizza in The New York Times (Crust Is a Canvas for Pizza’s New Wave). My thoughts about the piece are forthcoming. Ironically, one of the main places featured was Lucali. A nearly life size pie appeared on the cover of the “Dining In” section.

On Thursday, this site conveyed some information about Di Fara that was made public this week. The title of the blog post is pretty self explanatory: Di Fara – Raising Prices And Cutting Hours.

And finally, today, Eater reports that Una Pizza Napoletana, another one of the city’s most renowned pizzerias, might be moving out west as owner Anthony Mangieri is picking up and heading to San Francisco. What’s even more twisted is that Mathieu Palombino of Motorino may take over the space (Motorino has applied for a transfer of the beer and wine license now held by Una Pizza).

My thoughts? Motorino in Manhattan (2 blocks from where I live) would be awesome! Although there is no outdoor space in the location, their pizza is better and cheaper than Una Pizza. One of the biggest travisties of Una Pizza is that I can’t possible afford a $22 personal pie everytime I’m hungry for pizza. Oddly, this move adds to the number of affordable and competing establishments within a few blocks of each other: Posto, Artichoke, Motorino, Veloce Pizzaria, and Tonda.

My head is still spinning. More on all this madness next week. Go have some pizza this weekend! I’ll be checking out LUNA ROSSA (552 Court Street) on Sunday.

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