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New York’s Most Delicious Flatbread @ The Redhead

Last week, I went to THE REDHEAD for a highly anticipated (and long overdue) dinner with the Schers. We had a number of awesome dishes including their signature buttermilk fried chicken, but it was one of the appetizers that truly blew my mind: WILD MUSHROOM FLATBREAD.

Which leads me to ask — what exactly is the difference between flatbread and pizza? This dish tasted exactly like pizza… not to mention one of the most delicious pieces of pizza I’ve ever eaten. Made of mascarpone, parmigiano reggiano, and thyme, this little slice of heaven left me wanting more. Especially split three ways, it was a tease.


Dear The Redhead,

You must make this an entree immediately. I don’t know what kind of crack you sprinkled this with, but even a week later I can’t stop thinking about every savory bite. The photos don’t do it justice. It’s like looking at a photo of a hot ex-girlfriend… once attainable but now just out of reach. Oh and it doesn’t help that you’re only a block from my house, WILD MUSHROOM FLATBREAD.

Hope to see you soon, baby.



And while you’re salivating… and planning your trip to THE REDHEAD, I should also mention they had some amazing mint oreo ice cream cake concotion for dessert which was also delicious. Try it… Now!

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