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Happy 5 Year Anniversary To IDreamOfPizza

Happy 5 Year Anniversary To IDreamOfPizza

This week marks five years since I launched IDreamOfPizza. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been blogging about pizza for so long. It all started on Monday, November 10, 2008 with an unassuming post about a pizza eating contest:


Needless to say, it’s been all uphill since then! When I reflect on the last five years there are so many highlights that come to mind. First off, I don’t think this blog would exist without the strong New York City pizza community. That starts with Adam who founded Slice (which turned 10 last month!), Scott from Scott’s Pizza Tours (who has probably instilled NYC with more pizza knowledge than anyone ever has), Brooks (aka Pizza Commander) who has allegedly been making a movie about pizza since we first met, and dozens of other pizza aficionados (see: Passion 4 Pizza,  The ‘Za Report, For The Love Of Pizza, 31 Days Of Pizza, Pizza Rules).

I attribute much of the success of IDreamOfPizza to being at the right place at the right time. This blog preceded the opening of what are today considered many of New York’s best pizza places. Just months after IDreamOfPizza launched, New York City underwent a pizza boom. Blame it on the recession or many other factors, but the past five years have brought us spots like Motorino, Paulie Gee’s, Co, Keste, Roberta’s, Rubirosa, Forcella, and Artichoke. It’s hard to think about the New York City pizza scene without these places.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved with and participated in the NYC Pizza Run. Arguably more successful than IDreamOfPizza itself (did you know that The NYC Pizza Run has more Facebook fans than IDreamOfPizza — you should do something about that right now!), I never imagined that New Yorkers would be so excited about running and eating pizza when I launched the event back in 2010.

Thank you to all of the press that has been kind enough to feature IDreamOfPizza in their publications — including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and New York Post.  It’s not something I spend much time thinking about, but it’s always nice to be recognized by media outlets.

Thanks to my friends, without whom I’d be eating pizza alone. From Pizza Club outings to day trips to New Haven and Jersey, it’s never been hard to find someone to join me for a slice or two.

I’ll leave you with a few photos that I’ve taken with friends at some pizza places over the past five years. Here’s to another five years of pizza!

Roberta’s. Brooklyn, New York.

robertas 064

Di Fara. Brooklyn, NY.


Sam’s. Brooklyn, NY.

640 (2)

Totonno’s. Brooklyn, NY.

087 (3)

Sally’s. New Haven, CT.

NewHavenPizzaTrip_ _v1 174

Luna D’Autunno. Hoi An, Vietnam.

Asia 2 366

Paulie Gee’s. Brooklyn, NY.


Barboncino. Brooklyn, NY.


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Some guys dream about winning the Powerball jackpot, making love to Kate Upton, or scoring the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. But personally, I spend most of my time dreaming about digging my face into a mouth watering slice of pizza. Fireworks are ignited. Music comes out of nowhere. And just like that, I’ve fallen in love once again. Since 2008, I've chronicled my pizza eating adventures in New York City and around the world on I Dream Of Pizza -- the web's most popular blog dedicated entirely to pizza.
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