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Recap: The 2011 Village Voice Choice Eats

Yesterday evening was one of my favorite food events of the year: The Village Voice’s Fourth Annual Choice Eats! This was the first year that I recall there being absolutely no pizza at the event. Perhaps that’s because pizza places have realized it’s incredibly difficult to replicate the conditions of a kitchen and oven of a pizza place in the 69th Armory, where Choice Eats is held.

Motorino has always approached Choice Eats creativly, by highlighting some of their other fare. This year they served delicious Neapolitan meatballs.

Beyond that, there weren’t any other places at Choice Eats that primarily serve pizza. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of awesome food there. Here are some of the best bites I ate throughout the evening (and yes, I’m still full).
Caracas Arepa Bar
Guayanes Cheese, Deep-fried
Sweet Plantains and Avocado
(La Del Gato)
Lena Latin Grill
Ceviche (Roccotto Pepper, Red Onion, Lemon Juice,
Cilantro and Fried Corn) and Sweet Corn Arepas w/ Cheese
Ditch Plains
Hot Dog Topped w/ Mac & Cheese (Ditch Dog)
Peppa’s Jerk Chicken
Jerk Chicken, Festival (Sweet Dumpling),
and Homemade Jerk Sauce
AM-Thai Kitchen
Dumpling In Pumpkin Peanut Sauce and
Crispy Rice Salad
Cascabel Taqueria
Pollo Chipotle Tacos w/ Amish Chicken
Del Posto
Chocolate & Eggplant
Signature Wings In Soy Garlic Sauce,
Hot & Sweet Sauce, and Honey Wings
Fat Raddish
Root Vegetable Stacks w/ Date Puree
and Vegetable Crisps
Pesto Of Walnuts, Parmesan, Sundried Sicilian Tomatoes,
and Thyme (Pesto di Noci) Served On Royal Crown Bakery Bread
Mile End
Smoke Meat Knish
Dirt Candy
Smoked Cauliflour and Buttermilk Waffles w/ Wild Arugula
Sheep Station
Beef Sliders w/ Pickled Beets, Grilled Pineapple,
Tomatoes, Lettus, and Grilled Onions (The Shearer’s Burger)
Jimmy’s No. 43
House-cured “Corned” Beef Brisket
w/ Orwashers Ale Bread & Kraut “My Friend Mustard” Cream

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