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The $3 Pizza Stone

This week, if you couldn’t tell, I’m in a pizza-making mood. So today I present you with an article on how to make a $3 pizza stone. Experts will tell you that one of the most important steps of making a good pizza at home is ensuring it’s exposed to the correct amount of heat from your over (i.e a lot!). That’s why there is a huge market for pizza stones. Any aspiring home pizza maker needs a high quality pizza stone in order to maximize the amount of heat on which their pizzas are cooked. At a pizza-making class last weekend, I learned about how the thickness of the stone has an affect on how well the stone is able to maintain its temperature.

What I also know, though, is judging by the photo below, it appears that Home Depot’s tiles produced what looks like some quite appetizing pizza. It’d be interesting to do a taste test between a pizza made on an expensive stone and a pizza made on tiles from Home Depot.

But in the meantime, you should check out How To Make A $3 Pizza Stone on thepauperedchef.com.

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