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40 Gut-Busting Restaurant Challenges for Free Food

Coupon Sherpa has compiled a list aptly titled: 40 Gut-Busting Restaurant Challenges for Free Food. The photos on their website are what you might find on a site like thisiswhyyourefat. There are two pizza places that made the list: Pizza Party in California and Beau Jo’s Pizza in Colorado.

At Pizza Party here is the challenge: Eat one Belly Buster 20-inch pizza with cheese and two toppings in one hour or less. Unlimited water is included with the pizza, however you may not dip your pizza into the water (or any other drink). You have to keep down all the pizza and clean up your mess if you vomit. Finish and you’ll receive your entry fee back (equal to half the cost of the pizza), a T-shirt, your picture on the wall of the restaurant, and a free extra-large pizza every month for a year.

At Beau Jo’s Pizza here is the challenge: Finish a Grand Sicilian Pizza made of 12 to 14-pounds of hamburger and sausage on a loaded 16-inch thick crust pizza. You and a friend will have one hour to complete the challenge. If successful, the pizza is free and you’ll receive $100 and two free T-shirts.

Okay — let’s start with Pizza Party. Clean up your mess if you vomit? Haha. Yuck! And all you get for downing it is more pizza? Not worth it if you ask me. But I will say that looking at the pizza it doesn’t seem so unfathomable that someone would be able to finish it.

At the second place — Beau Jo’s Pizza — success seems more difficult. Even though you can team up with a friend, that’s still about 7 pounds of hamburger and sausage each. Look at the size of this pie! And splitting the winnings will land you with $50, not to mention some clogged arteries.

As much as we like to see people indulge themselves, I Dream Of Pizza kindly advises you to to consider your lifespan before taking part in one of these challenges.

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