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Philly Cheesesteak Vs. New York Pizza

I’m currently in Argentina, which is known for not only it’s great steaks, but apparently it’s great pizza as well. Just like… well… Delaware?

Okay — so last month, The Journal News in New York challenged The Delaware News Journal (just outside of Philly) to a throwdown during the World Series. The readers of The Journal News apparently thought that they could one-up the Philly cheesesteak, while the readers of The Delaware News Journal thought that they could make a better pizza than in New York.

This lead to a slew of posting from readers in the Philly area discussing how they’d improve New York pizza. You can view reader comments and some other people weighing in on these various postings:

Cheese steaks v. pizza: Help us out
New York: Think you can top our pizzas?
Philly: Our cheesesteaks are World Champs!
New York (pizza) Vs. Philly (cheesesteak)

Personally… I think the whole thing is stupid. Philly obviously has better cheesesteaks — why would someone in New York want to mess with such a beautiful thing?. We obviously have better pizza so why would we want to take advice from folks down in Delaware about how to improve it?

Perhaps the more interesting discussion would be — if you had to choose between a Philly cheesesteak and a New York City slice of pizza as your last meal on earth, which would it be?

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