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Cone Pizza In Queens – Innovative But "Rancid"

As you may recall, earlier this year we featured a pizza cone on this site from thisiswhyyourfat.com. The concept of a pizza cone is kind of fascinating to me. I’m a fan of anything innovative when it comes to pizza. As long as it tastes good, that is.

We’ll I was slightly excited to learn that a new pizza place serving pizza cones opened in Queens and we passed by it on our way back from Studio Square this weekend. Since we were on a bar crawl and I needed to save all available space inside my body for beer, I opted to pass on this pizza eating opportunity, but my good friend Jason Pickar decided to chance this crazy pizza concoction.

As fate would have it, Cone Pizza was featured on Grub Street on Monday [Brazilian Pizza in a Cone Comes to Queens], but sadly their “tipsters failed to photograph or sample it.” So Jason has provided us with the first known review of Cone Pizza… and first ever I Dream Of Pizza guest review:

Pizza in a cone. It sounds delicious, especially as you’re passing it after a few liters of beer at the nearby Studio Square beer garden. I abandoned my group in hopes of the convenience of an ice cream cone mixed with the deliciousness of pizza.

Unfortunately, that’s not what I got. Instead, after a five minute wait, I was handed some previously frozen cone-shaped crust, filled with bland pepperoni and a glob of cheese that can only be described as tasting worse than the worst kosher mozzarella I’ve ever had. It was near rancid, almost tofu-cheese bad. For some inexplicable reason there were bits of onion mixed throughout the cheese (I hate onions on my pizza when they’re not red or caramelized), and the sauce was pooled at the bottom, a la the nice chocolate bit at the bottom of a King Cone.

God how I wanted to love pizza in a cone. The couple who seemed to own
the place were so friendly. I wanted to write glorious things about the greatest way to eat a slice since it was put in the form of a miniature frozen roll. It was so bad that I almost didn’t finish it. Almost.

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