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Veloce Pizzeria – The Reviews Pour In

Although I hit up Veloce Pizzeria when it opened at the end of May (review), I’ve noticed a slew of reviews popping up over the past week. Here are what people are saying:


I did discover something about this pizza: You have to eat it immediately after it hits the table. After five minutes sitting in the pan, it becomes flaccid; after ten minutes, it’s absolutely soggy, with the moderately dense hole structure of crust having reabsorbed the abundant amount of oil found in the pizza at Veloce. To say that these pies are oily is an understatement, and some people will find them delicious [raises hand]; others will be put off entirely.

New York Magazine:

Their contribution to the new pizza landscape is a sophisticated stunner of a twelve-inch pan pie, distinguished by a shallow crust that’s at once springily tender and crisp (an unusual touch of potato in the dough sees to that). Toppings are of uniformly high quality, and generously applied, especially the hen-of-the-woods and oyster-mushroom combo on the funghi, and the pungent but harmonious marriage of anchovy, onion, tomato, bread crumbs, and caciocavallo in the Palermo specialty sfincione.

The Village Voice:

The crust is crunchy on the outside, and very fine grained and moist inside, with a texture like a zeppole, almost disarmingly poofy. This texture grew on me. The sausage pie was particularly fine, with pork that, though lightly spiced, was bursting with flavor. The mushroom pie deployed dried porcinis, which had been hydrated, then partially dehydrated again as the pie baked. They were thus rendered a little stiff in places, but flavorful.

The Spirituality Of Food:

Go for the ambiance. Go for the wine. It’s good. Go for the tasty arugula and parmesan salad. But please, if you like good pizza – and fast pizza – don’t come to Veloce Pizzeria. Then again, it IS open until two a.m. AND they deliver. Certainly better than Dominos.

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