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Pizza-Gasm: The Most In Depth NYC Pizza Feature Ever Written?

Not to be outdone by last week’s Frank Bruni article in The New York Times (Crust Is a Canvas for Pizza’s New Wave), New York Magazine has put together the most comprehensive feature about New York City pizza that I have ever come across.

I would compare my reaction to the seeing the cover to that of a 12 year old boy coming across his first porn magazine. If there was ever such thing as food orgasm (food-gasm), this is how mine would happen…

I was going to write an in depth analysis of the Bruni piece and then along comes New York Magazine to steal the spotlight.

There is no way to truly convey all of the awesomeness inside of these 10 pages of pizza heaven, so I will now direct you to the New York Magazine website where you shall print out and enjoy the following parts of this feature.

Pizza Timeline
Notable Pizza Ovens
Primary Players In The NYC Pizza Scene
In Depth Piece About Una Pizza Napoletana’s Anthony Mangieri
Pizzanomics: Which Kind Of Pizza Place Is More Profitable
Jim Lahey’s No-Nnead Margherita Recipie
Celebrity Favorites

All of this leading up to…

The Top Twenty Pies In New York City

The only surprise I have is that San Marzano on the Lower East Side got completely snubbed by both The New York Times and New York Magazine. No mention whatsoever. I thought Di Fara (#10 in New York Magazine) is way too low although I understand the piece is slanted towards new more upscale Neopolitan places. Luzzo’s, which is on my block, is too high at #6. I always go to Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery around the corner which has much superior slices, despite the line.

Of the top 10, La Pizza Fresca is the only place I haven’t been. Since New York Magazine’s list seems to be relatively strong, I’ll have to move this up on my own list of places to try.

Overall, props to New York Magazine for putting together such an amazing feature. The truth is, I was so excited to read it that I didn’t give it the time and though it needs. You can be sure I’ll be rereading everything this weekend as to fully comprehend how mammoth of a piece this is.

Read it. Learn it. Love it. This is New York pizza.

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