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Halloween 2015: The Top 10 Pizza Rat Costumes

Arguably one of the biggest viral sensations of 2015 has been pizza rat — a 14 second YouTube clip of a furry creature doing everything in his (or her!) power to carry a fully intact slice of New York City pizza down the subway steps. As has become a tradition in recent years, these types of trending internet hits are frequently transformed into popular Halloween costumes. As a pizza blogger, I felt that it was my responsibility not only to ...

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A Portlandia-Like Pizza Place On Orcas Island

Question: Have you ever felt like you were in an episode of Portlandia? I’ve traveled to the farthest corners of Brooklyn, heck I’ve even been to Portland a bunch, and never have I felt more like Fred and Carrie than at Hogstone’s on Orcas Island in Washington State. It’s as if someone built a pizza place and thought — how can we make it as hipster as possible? I know what you’re thinking. You’ve been to Roberta’s in Brooklyn. Maybe you’ve even ...

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Pizza With A View In Singapore

Over the past four years, I’ve taken an annual trip to Asia. And if you read IDreamOfPizza, you know that each visit has included at least one stop to eat pizza (Japan in 2012, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia in 2013, and China in 2014). This summer, I spent two weeks in Singapore and Malaysia where I managed to squeeze in some pizza in both countries. My trip started out in Signapore and my research pointed me to a handful of supposedly decent places. This ...

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Malaysian Style Pizza At A Penang Mall

On my trip to Asia earlier this summer, I visited Singapore and Malaysia. The pizza I had in Singapore was pretty good, but I must say I was more excited to try some pizza in Malaysia. Singapore is one of the more westernized cities in Asia and the pizza there wasn’t particularly adventurous. But that isn’t the case elsewhere in Asia (for example, this pizzeria I visited in Vietnam on a previous trip to Asia features tuna curry pizza and a ...

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2015 NYC Pizza Run Details

I am excited to announce that the 6th annual NYC Pizza Run will be taking place in Tompkins Square Park on September 19th. Tickets are on sale now (and going quickly) and all of the details can be found on the event website. Thanks to Gothamist for the exclusive announcement about this year’s race. You can also check out the NYC Pizza Run featured in the August edition of NYLON Magazine — on stands now! Zoe Kravitz — your move! ...

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