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Hutong Pizza In Beijing: Cool Space, Bad Pies

I recently went on a two week trip to China. Similar to my previous trips to Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Japan), I was not planning on eating too much pizza throughout my travels. Every pizza meal results in one less bowl of noodles or basket of dumplings. But I made it a point to try one pizza place and some online research led me to Hutong Pizza in Beijing (9 Yindingqiao Hutong). So… pizza in China. Not normally what ...

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I Dream Of Pizza Featured on Pizza TV

Last week, I posted a clip of a 2014 interview I did with America Weekend — a weekly IHeartRadio radio show. Up today — an interview with Pizza TV (yes, that’s a thing!). It’s actually an offshoot of PMQ Magazine which is the industry’s go-to trade magazine and website. Here’s the video intro from the site: In this month’s installment of Pizza 360, Daniel Lee Perea chats with Jason Feirman of the popular blog, I Dream of Pizza. This New ...

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Listen To Me Trash Chicago Style Pizza On National Radio

Last year, I made a handful of media/press appearances — but never got around to posting them on I Dream Of Pizza. So over the next week or two I might throw a few up here… starting with this one: America Weekend. America Weekend is a weekly IHeartRadio talk show which covers the lighter side of news and lifestyle issues. According to their website: Our nationally recognized team of hosts are joined each week by frequent high-profile guests including celebrities and newsmakers to ...

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Unveiling The Brand New IDreamOfPizza Logo

Back in November of 2008, when I launched IDreamOfPizza, I had no expectations for what I wanted the blog to be. All I knew is that I loved pizza and writing and figured I’d combine the two and see what happens. Before I wrote a single post on the blog, I created a logo. I don’t remember the exact process I undertook, but it likely required little thought or effort. I wasn’t building a business or a pizza empire. So ...

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Loui’s Pizza: Detroit Style Pies Fall Short

Buddy’s wasn’t the only stop on my recent one-day whirlwind pizza tour of Detroit (thanks to the folks at Chowzter). After visiting the iconic pizzeria, located about a 10 minute drive north of downtown Detroit, I continued up Conant Avenue for an additional three miles. Marked by a sprawling billboard along a mostly abandoned road was Loui’s (23141 Dequindre Road). Loui’s hasn’t quite gotten the national recognition and accolades that Buddy’s has… and for good reason. It’s not as good. ...

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