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Di Fara Quietly Opens Its First Outpost After 50+ Years

Di Fara (aka the best pizza on the planet) quietly opened its first ever outpost at North 3rd Street Market in Williamsburg yesterday. The brand new food hall boasts about a dozen stalls, none as renowned as the legendary pizzeria. Although this has been in the works for many months, there were no crowds around dinnertime on opening day. Pro tip: go get yourself some pizza from Di Fara before word gets out and the lines and wait time begin ...

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Review: Five Points Pizza Makes Its Mark In East Nashville

I recently returned from a roadtrip through a handful of cities in the South and Midwest. The itinerary began in Memphis and from there I visited Nashville, Louisville, Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee. I made sure to try pizza at least one time in each state (I also had to leave room for some barbecue, bourbon and fried cheese curds along the route). My first pizza stop was in Nashville, Tennessee at a place called Five Points Pizza (1012 Woodland Street). ...

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Review: Don’t Go “All In” On DC’s All Purpose Pizzeria

Pizza in Washington, DC is akin to the city’s sport teams — full of potential, but ultimately disappointing. I grew up in suburban Maryland and still root fervently for the Skins, Nats, Caps and Wiz. While each team has won a regular season division title in recent years, they’ve all failed to advance to the later rounds of the playoffs (in fact, no team has made it out of the second round off the playoffs since 1998). That’s a long drought. But ...

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Sorbillo, Italy’s Most Famous Pizzeria, Brings Its Pies To NYC

Gino Sorbillo is by many accounts the most famous pizzaiolo in Italy. His namesake restaurant in Naples is packed on a nightly basis (he also runs an outpost in Milan). I visited back in 2011 and gave it a rating of 8.4/10 — making it the 5th best pizza I tried in Naples, following Pizzeria Starita (9.6), Pizzeria Pellone (9.1), Salvo (8.8), and Pizzeria Brandi (8.7). But that was seven years ago and — to be completely honest — selecting a favorite pizza ...

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Review: “Pie For The People” In The Mojave Desert

My wife and I recently took a trip to Joshua Tree National Park which is located about three hours east of Los Angeles (or, you know, maybe seven hours depending on traffic). There is no food available for purchase in the park and we didn’t adequately stock up before setting out on a couple of hikes. So as the sun began to set over the Californian desert, there was nothing I was craving more than a slice of pizza. Lucky ...

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