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The 5 Best Pizzas I Ate In 2018

As another year comes to an end, it’s time to look back on some of the best pizza I ate in 2018. This year, IDreamOfPizza celebrated its 10 year anniversary, which included a visit to my 10 all-time favorite NYC pizza spots. And I also launched a brand new pizza podcast called All Things Pizza. While I ate pizza as far away as Japan this year, 4 of my 5 favorite pies hail from within New York State. Here’s a ...

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An Addendum To The New York Times 10 Best Slice Spots

Last week, Pete Wells, the New York Times food critic, published an article highlighting ten of the best slice places in New York City. While pizza lists are ubiquitous these days, this list seems to have been particularly well circulated. Sure, it’s from the New York Times. But I was texted, tweeted, and e-mailed this list more times than I can count. From friends. From family. From colleagues. From media outlets. Pretty much everyone wanted to know what I thought. ...

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All Things Pizza Podcast: Episode 2 Now Available

Last month, in conjunction with IDreamOfPizza’s 10 year anniversary, I launched a podcast about pizza to uncover the stories and personalities behind the world’s most beloved food. All Things Pizza debuted with an episode featuring Paulie Gee. And today, I’m excited to share the latest episode with you. Writer Jenny Zhang joins the podcast to take us on a journey to China — where her and her grandmother forged a special bond over the most unlikely of foods: pineapple pizza ...

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Celebrate IDreamOfPizza’s 10 Year Anniversary With Me

Next month, marks the 10 year anniversary of IDreamOfPizza. Since the launch of the blog back in 2008, I’ve eaten at thousands of pizza places — across more than 30 states and 20 countries — all in great company. So to celebrate, I am organizing a series of TEN pizza (lunches and) dinners at TEN of my favorite New York area pizza places, each for a party of TEN people (see a theme here?). Whether we are regular dining companions — ...

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IDreamOfPizza Launches A Podcast: ALL THINGS PIZZA

This fall, IDreamOfPizza will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary. I have a lot in store to mark the occasion (more on that soon). But in conjunction with the anniversary, I am excited to annouce that I am launching a brand new podcast: All Things Pizza. While IDreamOfPizza mostly focuses on reviews of pizzerias these days, I wanted an outlet to bring to light the incredible stories and personalities behind the world’s most beloved food. A decade ago, podcasts were ...

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