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Pizzeria Picco: Well Worth The Drive Outside Of San Fran

I spent the summer of 2012 living in San Francisco and had the opportunity to visit many notable pizza spots in Bay Area while I was out there including Little Star, Liguria Bakery, Cheese Board and perhaps my favorite, Arinell Pizza. One place I didn’t get to cross of my list was the highly regarded Pizzeria Picco (316 Magnolia Avenue) in Larkspur, California — a 45 minute drive north of San Francisco. I recently spent a couple of days in San Francisco and ...

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Detroit Style Pizza @ Via 313 In Texas

You’ve probably heard of New York style pizza. And Chicago? Well you know that’s deep dish. In the United States we have many other styles of pizza — some which we’ve adopted from other countries (like Neapolitan pizza from Italy) and others which are home grown (like Hawaiian pizza with pineapples and ham). One of the lesser known regional styles of pizza in the United States hails from Detroit. That’s right. Detroit style pizza. And until recently I’d never had ...

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Steve’s Pizza Draws The Crowds In North Miami

From the outside, Steve’s Pizza (12101 Biscayne Blvd) doesn’t look like anything special. It’s a non-descript standalone structure along North Miami’s mostly commercial Biscayne Boulevard. But step inside and it’s a different story. This place has character! Old school photos adorn the walls and graffitied benches and booths look like they’ve been there for decades. Of course, this being Miami, there is seating outside too. On a Monday afternoon of a holiday weekend when I visited, there was a line of 15 ...

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Pizza & Cocktails At Grazie In Paris

I recently returned from a trip to Paris during which I spent much of my time eating croissants, crepes, and other traditional French food… like pizza! Okay, it’s not a food you’normally associate with France, but Paris does have a thriving pizza scene. Yet in a city known more for its Michelin stars than slice joints, there is certainly room for improvement. As is typically the case when I travel, I spent a lot of time researching the best pizza ...

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Unassuming Paris Pizza Spot Is A Winner

I recently went to Paris and after an unsuccessful pizza outing at Grazie,  I decided to cut my losses and avoid pizza for the rest of the trip. With my limited time in town, it made sense to focus on the important stuff… you know, like, steak frites. However, the day following my somewhat odd experience at Grazie (where they put the mozzarella cheese on pizza AFTER it comes out of the oven), my coworker suggested we grab some lunch ...

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