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Surf’s Up At Rocco’s Pizza Pub On Hawaii’s Big Island

Back in 2014, I took my first trip to Hawaii and was really disappointed with the pizza there (see here and here). I know… I know… Hawaii isn’t known for its pizza. But I was impressed with so many other dishes on that trip — from the care that was put into their preparation to the quality of the ingredients used — and it was too bad that didn’t translate to the pizza I ate there. When I returned to ...

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I Ate A $45 Pizza… And It Was Worth Every Bite

In a city where a $1 slice of pizza can be found every few blocks, a pizzeria in Midtown East recently introduced a $45 pizza called the DoughDici. Crazy, right? Well I’m here to tell you that it’s actually a very reasonable price. Without even factoring in any labor and ingredient costs, it’s easy to make the case that a pizza dinner for two often costs $45 in New York City. Let’s take the perpetually packed Motorino, for example. My ...

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Aliño Pizzeria: Big Hit In A Small Southern Town

Mooresville, North Carolina. Ever heard of it? I didn’t think so. And it’s certainly not a town where you’d expect to find any decent pizza. But I happen to have a friend who lives there. And for the past few years, he’s been raving about a new pizza place in his town. So on a recent trip to North Carolina, it was time to see what the hype was all about. Located 30 minutes north of Charlotte, Aliño Pizzeria (500 South ...

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Not So Great “Shack” Pizza In Taipei

After chowing down on some night market pizza on my first night in Taipei during a recent trip there, I was craving some more Taiwanese pizza. Time was not on my side though — I only had a couple of days to spend in Taipei and there was a lot of other food I wanted to try. On my final day in Taipei, after grabbing breakfast at Yong He Dou Jiang Da Wang, I spotted a shack across the street with ...

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“Pizza” In A Taipei Night Market

While strolling through Raohe Street Night Market on a recent trip to Taipei, I came across something completely unexpected. No — it wasn’t an obscure animal part or something similarly grotesque. It was a stand serving something that resembled pizza. After doing some digging around, I was able to track down a Facebook page for the vendor (幸花明太子起司烤餅 總部) which loosely (emphasis on “loosely” here) translates to: Fortunately Flower Mentaiko Cheese Scones. And here is the description of the cart (again, ...

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