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“Pizza” In A Taipei Night Market

While strolling through Raohe Street Night Market on a recent trip to Taipei, I came across something completely unexpected. No — it wasn’t an obscure animal part or something similarly grotesque. It was a stand serving something that resembled pizza. After doing some digging around, I was able to track down a Facebook page for the vendor (幸花明太子起司烤餅 總部) which loosely (emphasis on “loosely” here) translates to: Fortunately Flower Mentaiko Cheese Scones. And here is the description of the cart (again, ...

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At Hong Kong’s 208 Duecento, The Decor Outshines The Pies

This September, I took my 5th annual trip to Asia, where I visited Hong Kong and Taipei. As with my prior trips, I made sure to try some pizza in each spot (check out some of my previous reviews from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan). So I’m no stranger to pizza in Asia. And I’ve definitely had a range of experiences — from the delicious 4P’s in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to the disappointing Girasole in ...

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Dough! New Manhattan Pizza Spot Focuses On Flour

Another upscale Manhattan pizza place? I know what you’re thinking… when will this maddness end? PN Wood Fired Pizza (2 West 28th Street) opened its doors earlier this year with a new spin: flour. That’s right. The Nomad restaurant has eight different flour varieties that diners can select for their dough (although only two types are available each day). The place is owned by the CEO of a flour company, so its focus on this ingredient makes sense. Is this ...

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Pizza Meet Fashion (III) At The 2016 NYC Pizza Run

This fall, the 7th annual NYC Pizza Run took place in Tompkins Square Park. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been putting this event on for seven years! The past few years, I’ve provided a post-event “pizza fashion” recap here on I Dream Of Pizza (2014 NYC Pizza Run recap; 2015 NYC Pizza Run recap). There were many awesome pizza outfits on display at this year’s race, and you can check out some of the highlights below. But first… a look ...

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The Five Best Pizzas I Ate In 2016

As is tradition on I Dream Of Pizza, at the end of every year I share the five best pizzas ate over the course of the past 365 days (although this year was a leap year, which means an extra day of pizza eating!). My pizza travels took me from a speakeasy in Vegas to a “hut” on Italy’s eastern coast. I also had pizza at a Taipei Night Market (review forthcoming) and Detroit style pies at one of Brooklyn’s ...

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