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Beer Pizza Recipe (How To Make Homemade Beer Pizza)

If there is anything I like as much as pizza, it just might be beer. Over the years, I Dream Of Pizza has rarely focused on the relationship between beer and pizza (did someone say yeast?). But ever since I began making pizza at home, I’ve always dreamed (no pun intended) of creating a beer-based pizza tasting menu. There are many establishments across the country which serve both beer and pizza, but to my knowledge no place exists that serves only ...

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Featured Pizzerias @ The Village Voice Choice Eats

The Village Voice Choice Eats is always one of the most anticipated food events in New York City each year. And although there is normally not pizza served there (as participating restaurants don’t have access to kitchens… or pizza ovens!) there is always some good representation from pizzerias. Pete Zaaz (766 Classon Ave) featured their twice baked potato skins which they described as baked potato pizza inside of an egg roll. I haven’t made it out to their spot in ...

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Pizza March Madness At Franny’s: 16 Pies In A Night

It’s almost time for March Madness! And while brackets featuring pizzerias instead of college basketball teams are prevalent around the interwebs, I was intrigued when Franny’s (348 Flatbush Avenue) announced their take on March Madness. Tonight (Monday), they unveiled a special pizza menu featuring 16 never-before-made pies – the Sweet 16. The topping combinations on each pie were created by a different Franny’s chef (and one from Franny herself). At the close of service, the number was reduced by half, ...

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Cooking Pies On The Grill With The Mighty Pizza Oven

With the warm weather right around the corner, I thought I’d take a moment and introduce you to a product that I think could really revolutionize the experience of making pizza at home. I’m frequently sent pizza related products — some of which are more useful than others. Last fall, I was contacted by a company called Mighty Pizza Oven, which bills itself as a ”convenient small pizza oven insert” that converts a gas grill into an outdoor pizza oven. I was intrigued. ...

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Family Friendly Time At Remo’s Pizza In Stamford, CT

I recently took a trip up to Stamford, Connecticut to try Colony Grill’s famous pies. And while I was in town I decided to stop by another place too. Remo’s Pizza (35 Bedford Street) in the downtown area came recommended by our friends who live in Stamford. It opened in 2006 — so it’s not quite as old as Colony which opened in 1935 — but the influence is evident, most notably in Remo’s hot oil pie. You see, Colony’s ...

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