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Louie & Chan: Tasty Pies On The LES

Louie & Chan. What type of food do you think they serve at a restaurant with that name? Probably not pizza. But hey — you’re reading a pizza blog, so no secrets here. Louie & Chan (303 Broome Street) is a Lower East Side pizza place & lounge that opened its doors in late 2013. Upstairs there is a restaurant which seats about 25 people and downstairs a lounge (which was closed when I was there with a group of ...

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La Dolce Vita: Pizza With A View In Puerto Vallarta

I recently took my first “real” trip to Mexico. And by “real” I mean a trip that I can remember. My memories of spring break 2003 in Cancun are a little fuzzy, and perhaps that’s part of the reason I haven’t been back since. But my girlfriend and I spent four days in Puerto Vallarta this spring, followed by four days in Mexico City. And although pizza wasn’t really on my mind for most of the trip, we figured it ...

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Marta: Danny Meyer’s NYC Pizza Spot Is Mostly Hype

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a pizza place in NYC. The truth is, there haven’t been many review-worthy spots that have opened in recent months. But one place that hasn’t lacked any buzz is Danny Meyer’s new-ish spot Marta (29 East 29th Street) which opened inside of the Martha Washington Hotel last year (the Marta vs. Martha distinction is a little confusing, isn’t it?). The restaurant boasts 11 pies (six red and five white) in addition a handful ...

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LA’s 800 Degrees: Cool Concept, Not So Great Pizza

The Chipotle of _______. You can fill in the blank with dozens of foods. Concepts are popping up all over the country that are trying to be the Chipotle of _______. That’s not surprising. Chipotle has established a whole new market of “fast casual” restaurants and business savvy food entrepreneurs see an opportunity to capitalize on that. The folks behind 800 Degrees, a California based impersonator of Chipotle (with locations in Nevada and Illinois) that focuses on pizza, is in ...

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Story Deli In London: What Is Pizza Anyway?

What is pizza anyway? It’s a question that you could debate for hours. When people ask me what the most important aspect of pizza is — the sauce, the cheese or the crust — I always say that the crust is most important. You can have great pizza without any sauce at all. And you can have great pizza without any cheese at all. But you can’t have any pizza without a crust. That is, unless you visit Story Deli ...

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