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Pizza On Campus: Strada At The University Of Wisconsin

Wisconsin was the final stop on a recent road trip I took to the South and Midwest. In a state which is synonymous with cheese, I was hoping to end the trip on a high note in terms of my pizza consumption. Although I had some decent pizza during the first part of my route (at Five Points Pizza in Nashville, Garage Bar in Louisville and Art of Pizza in Chicago) nothing was exceptional. Unfortunately, the pizza I had in Madison, didn’t ...

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Mama’s Too: The Best Pizza Place In Manhattan

Mama’s Too (2750 Broadway) serves the best pizza in Manhattan (there, I said it). That’s not a statement I make lightly. But it’s a statement I’ve put much thought behind over the past couple of years. And I am now ready to share that sentiment publicly for the very first time. Let’s take a look at a quick timeline of how a pizzeria smaller than the size of a studio apartment — located in a neighborhood with few notable food ...

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At Garage Bar In Louisville, Pizza In A Former Gas Station

As I mentioned in my previous review, I recently returned from a roadtrip through the South and Midwest and made sure to try pizza in each of the four states I visited: Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Wisconsin. After a very average pizza outing in Nashville at Five Points Pizza I was hoping to have better luck in Louisville, Kentucky — home to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, Churchill Downs Racetrack, and more bourbon that you could possibly consume in a lifetime. ...

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In Chicago, Deep Dish By The Slice At Art Of Pizza

During a recent road trip I took to the South and Midwest, I made a number of stops along the way for pizza. Stop #1 was Five Points Pizza in Nashville, Tennessee, followed by Garage Bar in Louisville, Kentucky. Which brings us to… Chicago. Land Of The Deep Dish Pie. It had been seven years since I was last in the Windy City, so I was excited to return. I’ve previously reviewed deep dish pies at Pequod’s and Lou Malnati’s (in ...

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Traditional Neapolitan Pies In Kyoto @ Pizza Mercato

Kyoto, Japan — which was once the country’s capital city — is well known for its classical Buddhist temples, imperial palaces, and Shinto shrines. It’s a city filled with a rich history and strong culture. And also some pretty tasty pizza. This past summer, I took my second trip to Japan. Back in 2012, I reviewed a few Tokyo pizzerias on this site. At the time, I was really impressed with the quality of the ingredients and the craftsmanship than went ...

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