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Pizza Bob’s: Hawaiian Pizza Fail

I wouldn’t normally review a place like Pizza Bob’s. It’s an unassuming, un-tasty, nothing-to-write-home-about pizzeria on Oahu’s North Shore. But it was the only “Hawaiian” style pizza I had on a recent trip to Hawaii. Plus, from what I can tell, it’s the ONLY pizza place in the town of Haleiwa — a popular tourist destination. If you’re visiting Haleiwa and are craving pizza… and are currently reading this post, do yourself a favor and suppress that craving. Or more ...

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A Slice of American History With Liz Barrett

Last month, Liz Barrett, the former editor of PMQ Magazine (the industry’s pizza trade magazine), released a book titled Pizza: A Slice of American History. The book focuses on different pizza styles from around the country and contains stunning photos, recipes, and interviews with pizza experts. I recently had time to catch up with Liz and grill her (no pun intended) about her passion for pizza and affinity for Home Alone. You cover the evolution of many pizza styles in your book. ...

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Pizza Meets Fashion At The 5th Annual NYC Pizza Run

On September 13th, the 5th annual NYC Pizza Run took place in Tompkins Square Park. As the organizer of the event, I’ve kept most of the logistics pretty similar year to year. And haven’t noticed too many changes since the inaugural event in 2010. However, there is one trend which is becoming more and more popular each year: pizza as a fashion statement. Now before we talk about pizza as a fashion statement, it’s important to differentiate “fashion” from pizza ...

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Surf’s Down: Agostino’s In Honolulu Disappoints

There is a lot of delicious food in Hawaii. But when it comes to pizza, it was pure disapointment during my first trip to the 50th state. Okay, I didn’t try all the pizza in Hawaii, but for a state which has a well known style named after it (you’re familiar with Hawaiian pizza, aren’t you?) + such great produce and conditions for food production, I was sad with what I found. I spent four nights in Oahu followed by ...

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