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Pizza Meet Fashion (III) At The 2016 NYC Pizza Run

This fall, the 7th annual NYC Pizza Run took place in Tompkins Square Park. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been putting this event on for seven years! The past few years, I’ve provided a post-event “pizza fashion” recap here on I Dream Of Pizza (2014 NYC Pizza Run recap; 2015 NYC Pizza Run recap). There were many awesome pizza outfits on display at this year’s race, and you can check out some of the highlights below. But first… a look ...

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The Five Best Pizzas I Ate In 2016

As is tradition on I Dream Of Pizza, at the end of every year I share the five best pizzas ate over the course of the past 365 days (although this year was a leap year, which means an extra day of pizza eating!). My pizza travels took me from a speakeasy in Vegas to a “hut” on Italy’s eastern coast. I also had pizza at a Taipei Night Market (review forthcoming) and Detroit style pies at one of Brooklyn’s ...

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Pizza Wedding Decorations: 7 Ways To Incorporate Pizza Into Your Wedding

I recently got married. And it goes without saying that pizza was going to make a few appearances at the wedding (as you might recall, we took many of our engagement photos at Di Fara, a pizza place in Brooklyn). I didn’t want pizza to be the dominant theme at the wedding, but rather incorporate it subtly in a handful of ways. Here is a recap of how I did that and how you can create the ultimate pizza-centric wedding: ...

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Scenes From A Pizza-Slinging Hudson Valley Orchard

If you were to drive past Westwind Orchard (215 Lower Whitfield Road) in Accord, it might appear to be a typical upstate New York orchard. There is a farm store, barn, lawn games, and u-pick fruits and vegetables. But what differentiates Westwind Orchard from its companions is one thing: pizza. Every weekend from June through the end of October, they serve mouth watering pies out of their wood fired oven. I visited there on a recent Saturday afternoon and here are ...

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Pizza In A Trullo: Pies In Italy’s Puglia Region

In June, I spent two weeks in Italy on my honeymoon. I’ve spent a lot of time in Italy in the past. And I’ve eaten a lot of pizza there (check out my 13-part series from 2011). So, understandably, my focus was not on pizza this time around (as it so happens, we ate pasta just about everyday). That being said, there was no way I was going to visit Italy and not have a few pizza meals. One of the ...

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