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Emmy Squared: Detroit Style Pizza Comes To Brooklyn

Pizza Loves Emily (or Emily, for short!) in Clinton Hill has been one of the hottest pizza places in NYC for the past two years. So when its owners decided to open a second location, it made complete sense. Except there was one catch. This wasn’t going to be another Neapolitan style spot, like the original Emily, but rather a restaurant serving Detroit-style pizza. Music to my ears! I’ve written about Detroit-style pizza many times on I Dream Of Pizza. ...

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The Parlor: The Best Pizza Place You’ve Never Been

I’ll get straight to it: The Parlor (14 Cedar Street) is one of the best pizza places I’ve been to and you should plan a trip there as soon as possible. Back in the summer of 2014, I was passing through Dobbs Ferry — which is a 45 minute drive north of NYC — with a friend. We were hungry and stumbled across The Parlor.  I thought it was pretty solid at the time, although we only ordered two pies, ...

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Home Slice: Keeping Austin Weird

Austin has a lot of good food — scratch that — GREAT food. I’ve made four trips there in recent years and each has included a stop for pizza. In 2012, I went to The Backspace which is located right off 6th Street and was pretty tasty, though not groundbreaking. In 2013, I went to Via 313 – a Detroit style pizza truck — which I really love and still frequently crave. And in early 2015, I went to Bufalina ...

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Table On Ten’s Weekend Pizza Nights Are Awesome

Last year, I wrote about Hogstone’s in Washington State – the most hipster pizza place I’d ever been (A Portlandia-Like Pizza Place On Orcas Island). Fast forward a few months to the fall of 2015, when I found myself dining at an equally hipster pizza spot on the other side of the country in Bloomville, New York of all places. Where is that, you ask? Well, it’s in the middle of nowhere — off a country road in upstate New York. It’s 30 ...

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This Is What Happens When You Take Your Engagement Photos At Di Fara

If you’ve ever met me or read I Dream Of Pizza, you know that Di Fara is my favorite pizza place. And it also happens to be my fiancée’s favorite pizza place (if it wasn’t — she might not be my fiancée!). So when it came time to take engagement photos for our upcoming wedding, the first location that came to mind was Di Fara. And on a Sunday morning last fall, we swung by before opening for a quick photo ...

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