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I Dream Of Pizza Featued In The New Jersey Star Ledger

Perhaps the most all encompassing series of pizza articles I’ve ever seen — at least on a regional level — appeared in last week’s New Jersey Star Ledger. I counted 18 — yes, 18!! — articles about the New Jersey pizza scene in the newspaper.

Links to each article appear at the bottom of this post. All of these pieces led up to Friday’s crown jewel — Pizza Patrol names best pizza in New Jersey — in which members of the Pizza Patrol crowned the following six slices as New Jersey’s finest:

Best plain pizza
DeLucia’s Brick Oven Pizza (3 First Avenue in Raritan)

Best sausage pizza
De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies (530 Hudson Street in Trenton)

Best Margherita pizza
La Rustique Cafe (611 Jersey Avenue in Jersey City)

Best Sicilian pizza
Mr. Bruno’s Pizza & Restaurant (439 Valley Broad Road in Lyndhurst)

Best thin-crust pizza
Star Tavern (400 High Street in Orange)

Best specialty pizza:
La Sicilia Pizza & Ristorante (155 Washington Avenue in Belleville)

The highlight for me was being featued in Thursday’s article — Pizza bloggers: They’re a saucy bunch. Here is an excerpt:

As is Jason Feirman, the fellow behind I Dream of Pizza.

“Some people collect snow globes,” says the 25-year-old Feirman. “Whenever I travel, I stop and try the pizza.”

And he writes about it on his blog, which debuted in November 2008. He’s sampled pizza in Argentina (“pizza is huge in Buenos Aires”) and Israel, but the pizza scene he knows best is New York City, where he lives. I Dream of Pizza, like the scores of pizza blogs out there, is chock-full of pizza news, views, reviews and assorted musings. And the occasional entry from the pizza Twilight Zone.

A recent post from a New York City pizzeria owner who lost his lease over a dispute with his landlady:

My landlady is telling the people of Red Hook that I have been in prison and jail. She’s right. I was in prison for manufacturing explosives.

And you thought pizza blogs were all sunshine and red sauce?

Feirman even formed a pizza club, which makes monthly trips to local pizzerias. The blog became a place to post the club’s findings — and news about the pizza world in general.

And finally — for those who really want a full picture of the New Jersey pizza scene. Here are links to all 18 articles that appeared in the Star Ledger last week. Dig in!

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The ABCs of Pizza

Pizza Patrol by the numbers, favorites and worst pizza

Pizza mission nearly impossible

Pizza facts and figures

Pizza Patrol finds strange combos: Taco pizza, baked ziti pies

Worst. Pizza. Ever.

How to make the perfect pizza

Pizza bloggers: They’re a saucy bunch

The Pizza Countdown Begins

New Jersey Pizza Hall of Fame

Map of New Jersey’s best pizza

Pizza Patrol members on their favorite slices

Best pizza in South Jersey, according to the Pizza Patrol

New Jersey ‘s Best Pizza Towns

Pizza Patrol names best pizza in New Jersey

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